Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My First Blog

Hello to all who happen to read,

This, obviously, is my first blog. I have thought long and hard about making my own blog and finally I have decided to go for it. I quite enjoy writing so there really isn't any reason why I should have waited so long except for the silly fact that I thought I might write something so profound that it should be published. However as of yet I do not believe that I have the writing skill to publish anything and there is a certain excitement to posting writings on the Internet for the all the public of the globe to see. So, this is what this blog will contain. I will post personal experiences or anecdotes that are amusing or enlightening, I will post opinions in politics and current events, and I will post the odd blog that might appear to be completely irrelevant to anyone but me. I will write eloquently and I will write horribly depending on my mood. I make no promises of perfect editing and guarantee some people will find what I write offensive. I do not write merely to offend, however every opinion offends someone. I reserve the right to change my opinion at any time, as I see fit, and I reserve the right to freedom of speech no matter what the subject. That said I hope you enjoy this blog and I promise the rest will not be as boring as this post was.