Friday, September 30, 2011

I Defy Despair

I defy despair
till the moment after my last breath
takes me elsewhere.

I defy despair
in the midst of turmoils
economic, environmental and emotional

I defy it
when all I own is dust
when all I know is gone
when all I love has passed
I defy despair

I defy it when
those in charge act like children
when suffering spreads like a wound
when the rational seems defeated by madness
when the voices of children
starved and helpless
go unanswered
I defy despair

And I do not defy it with anger
I do not fling impotent rage into the wind
I do not shout at the sky
Or rail against the stars

I defy it quietly and simply
serenely and constantly
persistently and resolutely
with that powerful
four letter word...


Just try to defy that.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

She Walked Between

Who walked between my winters
And left a warm impression there
Who walked between these islands
Reminding me of bridges fair

Who scaled the walls so frozen
Who added life to all the bare
And plain facades I'd chosen
To mask me from a luring stare
Of eyes that keep their secrets
While calling one to care

Who left before the winter
Could freeze her anywhere.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Odysseus' Folly

Bind me to the mast I said
Bind me good and tight
Plug your ears with wax I said
And don’t give into fright

Release me not till we’re long past
If I order or give plea
Loose me not until we’ve gone
Leave me bound here to this tree

We passed that fateful isle then
They were close enough to hear
The singing pulled at my frail soul
Its beauty brought forth a tear

I fought, I strove and tore my flesh
The ropes they bit and burned
I screamed, I wailed, I begged to leave
My efforts my crew just spurned

And when we passed away from there
I felt the loosing my mind
But the soul in me was rent in two
There’s no rest that I can find

I should have passed another way
I should have closed my ears
I should have stopped my wondering
That’s caused these restless years

And now I’m home; my journey’s done
I’m with family and my friends
I've battled monsters, men and seas
Yet the haunting song still rends

I hear it in the ocean’s waves
It’s hinted in the tide
The wind suggests its melody
From their voices I can’t hide

I’m called to cross the barren seas
I’m drawn to the rocky shore
I stand upon the brink of doom
And question what it was for

Why did I need to hear their song?
And pass so near that isle?
The sirens they are calling still
Across the watery miles

If I had stayed in ignorance
I may have saved my bliss
But now at home I’m wandering
Looking for what I miss

Some songs are much too wonderful
For these human ears to hear
And some are much too terrible
To add knowledge to innocent fear

I went through veiled and evil lands
I traversed the dim shadowed shore
I heard a dire forbidden song
’Fore Lethe I’ll rest nevermore

(This is an old one I never published on this blog for some reason. It seemed appropriate to post it now with the mythology theme over at the garden.)

What Creeps By My Bedside

Self-pity crept in by the bedside
Laid a languorous hand on my back
And pressed me into smothering covers

I fought back not a bit and sunk
Into the soft, motionless depths
Of a savoured sorrow
That tasted dry and overwrought
Bringing me back to restless immobility

What tossing and turning did this ship—
Myself—endure upon the sea of sleeplessness
I fought with rage and pride against a foe
That dared to offer out a hand to save me

“Grab hold and live!”
He cried from the deck
And still I screamed futile rage and sorrow
Gurgling against the waves

“Give me this!”
I shouted
“Give me one wrong to remember;
One grudge to nurture.”

But he stole the dead weight from my hands
And carried me to shore
Back to my bedside
Where self-pity lay defeated

Then instead of weeping
I gave in to sleeping.