Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Am Cold

My veins are ice my breath is dry
While winter burns my soul
And here I stand: an island lone
I’m so much less than whole

The sea of voices flow around
To barely glance my shores
My bluff-faced walls have kept me safe
But now I wish for more

An island lone enshroud in dark
Is torn to shreds by breeze
And shore’s pale comfort doesn’t last
When waves erode with ease

The rising tide heralds the sun
While I wait for a graze
Of some warm skin upon my sand
Or sun’s all burning blaze

And there! A sailor, here at last!
He must have seen my fire
His coming now has rescued me:


  1. Wowzers! this was an interesting poem. The way it started off, I thought of it as a metaphysical piece....then it flowed into actual physical events, and had a totally unexpected ending. Cool surprise! Well done. I LOVE your main photo - is that the west coast????

  2. This is fantastic.
    I loved this one so much. It's probably up there in the ranks of my favourite poems that you've written. Very well written.

  3. What a bummer...hey Vampires gotta eat.

  4. I found this very neat. Everybody finds something or other something or other, and when I really thought, I thought "hey... this is kind of neat."
    Unlike my normal blog skims, I read this over three times. I like it's little tune, but how it is serious too. It is in a word... neat!

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. Sherry, that is indeed the west coast in my main photo, good call. :) It's Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

  6. I wasn't expecting the last line ... well done!

  7. Good poem with an ouch in the tail.

  8. perfect illustration of the admonition: be careful what you wish for. Nicely done!

  9. ah, irony, always good for a chuckle. well done!

  10. I love the rhythm and rhyme... mysterious.

  11. Intriguing and unexpected. Great poem!

  12. Fyodor,
    What a very powerful piece of writing.
    My interest was held right until that superb final line!

    Best wishes, Eileen

  13. Quite intriguing and that surprise ending, wow!


  14. I enjoyed reading and the surprise on the end.


  15. I too enjoyed the rhythm/rhyme scheme and the jolt at the end. Would add that your word choices -- "veins," "enshroud," "pale comfort" really work to set the chilling tone. Great piece.

  16. Love the style and the movement as well the twist at the end.


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