Monday, March 14, 2011

What Silences Say

This poem can be read in several ways. It explores the theme of silence, among others. The brackets can be read in many ways: emphasizing the words within, as if the words have been removed, with no audible difference, etc. Each way of reading the brackets alters the meaning and sense of the line but keeps the main theme/message whole.


- F. L.

Are you listening?
-Listening to what the silences say;
The (gaps) between words
And (spaces) between glances
Between (the seen and) the heard
Between (pauses and) second chances
Between what is and what may
Are you listening?

It’s in the flutter of autumn leaves
It’s in the floating winter’s flakes
It’s in the patter of distant spring
It’s in the summer and in the wake

I’ve been listening-
I’ve been listening for (all) my life
To authority’s (steady) voices
To the rambling of my mind
To the plethora of choices
And through (the wastings of) my time...
And the hollow (music) rife
With silences
I’ve been listening

In autumn’s floating leaves
In winter’s fluttering flakes
In spring’s distant patter
In summer’s shadowed wake

To what the silences forgot;
To past (and present) tied
By ponderous (muted) string
To noise and shouts belied
As another (dumbshow) thing
(The sounds) signified as rot
Are you listening?
To decaying

Pale leaves mouldering
White flakes congealing
Black drops pattering
Red sky mummifying

Are you listening now?

And in-between
The silences
There is much to hear.


  1. Fyodor~
    This is an evocative piece filled with vibrant imagery and depth of emotion. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fydor,
    I really like the emotion contained within your poem.
    Silence is a popular suject it seems, as my poem is called 'Solitary Silence'!
    Best wishes, Eileen

  3. Very beautiful. Silence is more eloquent and there is a lot scope for many things in the gap and vacuum.

  4. Wonderful poem....Yes there is much to hear..
    And in-between
    The silences
    There is much to hear.

  5. Awesome piece! I love the format and the message is SO BEAUTIFUL! I am always watching and reading between the lines. There is always so much to learn. So much to see...

    My Poetry Pantry Poem: St. Patrick Limerick

  6. Love love love this.
    one of your best. so wonderfully crafted.

  7. I am listening. I do believe more can be heard in the silences than any words some times. Well done!

  8. Very profound poem. i think poets get inspired by listening to silences, seeking the unsaid in between silences. It is silence that speaks more than words. It is those unspoken moods and emotions that flit across nature and people that say it all. I liked this poem immensely.

  9. Pale leaves mouldering
    White flakes congealing
    Black drops pattering
    Red sky mummifying,,

    colorful and beautiful words..
    well done,

  10. rich words.
    silence speaks more.
    excellent delivery of your sentiments.

  11. This is wonderful! I like the different ways it can be read, without losing coherence :)


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