Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Choice Draught

I’m inebriated on life
And all it has to offer
I keep taking big gulps
—Coughing, spluttering, spilling—
Rather than sips and swallows.

There is so much music
Sights, smells, things to try
Tastes to taste
Feelings to feel
Thoughts to think
There are so many books,
Sports, jobs, games, skills, responsibilities
And the people!

The people!
There are so many of them
So many of us
So many stories,
Tales of families, sorrows, joys
Of evil, good and all that’s between,
Friends, acquaintances, lovers, and all who could be...

Why is it that so few will touch my life?
So few... and so many...
I am drunk on presence
And thirsting for presence
I vacillate between extreme loneliness
And a desire for solitude

But the people
I wouldn’t give them up
I wouldn’t go sober
For while they kill me, enrage me,
Love me, challenge me, seduce me,
Question me, inform me, teach me,
Learn from me, touch me, strike me,
Enable me, analyze me, judge me,
Forgive me, kiss me, speak to me,
Destroy me and rebuild me
I know that I would not be me
Without you.

Let us get drunk on our presence
On our very being, and that being

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