Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In Them, In One

In darkened shacks on blood soaked soil
Warm and cozy in caring arms
It lies

In twilight hours of punishing poverty
Wrapped in blankets bundled
It sleeps

In sparkling towers of reckless riches
Woken at the sound of singing
It smiles

In hovels built by hurting hands
Warned calmly to be careful
It crawls

In fungal homes of suburban sprawls
Weary from playful pouncing
It sits

In a chill cave full of assorted animals
Waiting for its momentous mounting
It cries

In them all
In one more


  1. your poem is full of imagery,
    beautiful wonders.
    thanks for the love for potluck poetry,
    your talent rocks...

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Great poem... loved it!

  3. Dude this is really well-penned. You are a fine poet. This poem deserves more comments. Kudos on a good one


    Luke @ WordSalad

  4. week 11 potluck awards/treats 4 u

    Thanks for the beautiful contribution to week 11, hope to see you next Monday!
    Happy Thursday!
    Happy Thanksgiving Holiday if you celebrate!

  5. This is simply fine and beautiful, Fyodor. And the commonality you speak of is true.


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