Friday, November 5, 2010


The birds have flown to Florida
And we begin our quick ferment
The days are falling faster dead
The cresting light is nearly spent

The failing sun long rests his head
So looking westward we still wait
Not trusting he will rise again
We’re in the waxing night of fate

The veil of darkness hides our plans
But thinly from nocturnal eyes
In pitch we’re strewed forgetting light
In love with bright but rotting lies

And when the winter meets its height
We frozen in a death unseen
Horizon’s edge of glowing sun
Will bleed out warmth on the obscene

And there will burn on all and one
A blaze to light the dark afar
But most with eyes fast shut will fear
The dawn so bright it leaves a scar

And sad it is in all this sphere
There will be just a remnant few
Who overjoyed will stand at spring;
Most will long for winter new

So they will crawl far from the ring
Of sun that burns their frostbite faint
Preferring just the dark of space;
They hide enamored with their taint

Yet those who stood in warmth of grace
Will find they’ve grown new leaves and roots
And not lament the night’s demise
When tasting winter’s ripened fruits

(The birds flew down to Florida
But will to reborn trees restore
Ferment is foiled in the rise
Of spring that comes forevermore.)


  1. sunfall,
    what a novel term,
    your poem is as crispy as rising sun,
    beautiful work,
    keep it up.
    Happy Saturday.

  2. This is one of those poems that you have to read a few times to peel back all the layers. It's definitely worth savoring.

    As the clocks turn back tonight, and the days grow short, this poem reminds that it's worth the wait for "spring that comes forevermore).

  3. Enjoyed this poem. Especially enjoyed your use of parentheses. Greatly underrated (and underused). Nice work

    Luke @ WordSalad

  4. welcome linking in a poem to our potluck today, Thanks in advance!

    an award will be given upon participation this week.

  5. This is a really great poem! I really like the ending:
    "Yet those who stood in warmth of grace
    Will find they’ve grown new leaves and roots
    And not lament the night’s demise
    When tasting winter’s ripened fruits"
    It truly reflects grace.

  6. Oh and as for underoath, I am really loving the new music! Have you listened to it yet? It is heavier, but I am loving pretty much everything about it. Aaron will definitely be missed though. (Daniel Davidson does seem like quite a good fit though!)

    (ps. If you ever want to go to go to the museum, it's half price fridays after 4:30 and is free to students on tuesdays!)

  7. Yeah, I should definitely go again. Although, I've been to the ROM a couple times. I would really like to spend some more time in the AGO.

  8. I too liked the idea of "Sunfall" as of course it must as all else in its seasons follow!
    And I wouldn't worry too much about "So looking westward we still wait/ Not trusting he will rise again". On good authority we have at least four billion years to go before the sun's fate is sealed. :-)

  9. Thanks Ray. The "looking westward" lines are not talking about the sun as a physical reality but as a metaphorical representation. I am playing on 'end times' here but it has very little to do with the sun's burning out - I'm using that as a trope.
    I appreciate you comments though. :)

  10. Also it is significant that they are "looking westward" waiting for the sun to rise... we all know the sun rises in the east. There's a lot going on in that stanza.

  11. Thanks for sharing this one Fyodor!!
    Vivid imagery and so many dimensions to flow through.. :)

    Love xx

  12. Your poetry is amazing...with supporters such as you stand beside us, we can continue our efforts and make the potluck event more enjoyable for its large number of entries, multiple levels or types of talents, and authentic enjoyment of poetry and poetry reading...Come in any time when we are open, feel free to ask questions and read others.
    Thank you in advance.
    Have A Weekend A Graceful As Your Spirits.


    Special awards for you. Happy Sunday! xx
    Hope to see you at our potluck tonight.

  14. possibly one of my favourites that you've written.

    thanks for posting.

  15. Thanks Lena. I'm glad you enjoy it. I'm keeping up with your blog too and loving it!


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