Friday, September 30, 2011

I Defy Despair

I defy despair
till the moment after my last breath
takes me elsewhere.

I defy despair
in the midst of turmoils
economic, environmental and emotional

I defy it
when all I own is dust
when all I know is gone
when all I love has passed
I defy despair

I defy it when
those in charge act like children
when suffering spreads like a wound
when the rational seems defeated by madness
when the voices of children
starved and helpless
go unanswered
I defy despair

And I do not defy it with anger
I do not fling impotent rage into the wind
I do not shout at the sky
Or rail against the stars

I defy it quietly and simply
serenely and constantly
persistently and resolutely
with that powerful
four letter word...


Just try to defy that.


  1. Love this one! I won't try to defy it--in fact, I just wrote in favor of it:

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