Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Are they so pretty?

The gleam upon the resplendent façades
Strikes the surface of the waters
And then is cast back
Upon their gargantuan sides
Like a childish game of keep-away

Those solemn obelisks look down condescendingly
On two bedroom homes
And squat industries at their feet
They shine in the sun like Kings frozen in their splendor
Children saunter among their roots
Like ants among the redwoods

The city noise is dull and subdued
As it sighs under the summer sun
The homeless seek the shelter of pillared shade
While the affluent seek air-conditioned cabs
Two classes
One climbing up the monstrous spires
By stepping on the faces of the others

Then the silence is cut
A gong smashed at the feet of the steel and glass idols
The children run
And the buildings begin to fall like dominos
While the perfidious illusion is broken


  1. So.
    I really enjoy this for the following reasons:

    1) your use of words that I don't know makes me giddy with joy. It makes me think that I am finally reading something with a little bit of thought put into it. Plus, I like big/new words.

    2) reading this once through is difficult to do. This poem in particular took me a few times to unpack -- which either reveals my density or your proficiency in writing. Possibly both.

    My favourite stanza is the last one: wonderful imagery and excellent diction. Overall, a thought-provoking poem.

  2. Thanks a lot Lena, I appreciate the comment. I love finding new words too. Perfidious is a recent discovery for me. I love it :) You can feel its connotation in its sound.

  3. simply fantastic, friend,
    Thank you so very much to see you at our potluck...
    It adds so much joy to all of our officials.

    your poetry is very unique and enjoyable.

  4. http://thursdaypoetsrallypoetry.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/my-sister-lives-too-far-away/

    awards 4 u...
    have a fun day.

  5. nice piece. i liked the contrasts between the city and nature. great imagery... i liked the ending where the children run. good job!


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