Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcome to Zombieland

This is not your typical matinee horror in a dark and moldy theatre
You’re not running from red-eyed, blood-vomiting corpses
You’re not carrying a double-barreled shotgun
Blasting the disfigured heads off of the people you once knew
You are not the lone survivor
Standing helpless but triumphant on a highway
Blemished with the husks of cars and the stains of what once were people

Welcome to Zombieland
Row number 6 seat 6
Rotting like one of the gangrenous boil-covered zombies
Oh, but you don’t look like them
Your caked-on makeup or your bath of cologne
Your skanky Guess clothes or preppy Hollister
Covers the fecal mass of festering tissue within

Welcome to Zombieland
Forced to do the bare minimum in your 9 to 5
Zoning out in the class you didn’t pay for
Returning like a drone the job you hate
And talking robotically to the people you loathe
Coming home dragging feet to the door
To the family and friends you take for granted
Pull up a chair 
And stare until your eyes are gritty from forgetting to blink

Welcome to Zombieland
And watch like a drooling catatonic 
The dim aura of blue from screens fills the lightless rooms
Computers and TVs
Theatres and cell phones
ATM’s and iPods
Screens, Screens, Screens, Screens
They seem to shelter but their flimsy protection is bound to break
Allowing the moths and rust and thieves to break in and steal

Look deep into the gilded mirror!
Bloodshot eyes and sallow heliophobic skin
Lurching legs aimlessly carried by appetites
Babbling and moaning in an unintelligible dialect
Blatantly unaware of the crumbling world around
Lounging oblivious in apathetically strewn filth
And sometimes in reasonless fits of passion
We gather in groups and perform unspeakable acts of violence on each other
Welcome to Zombieland

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