Wednesday, September 8, 2010

P is for Pithy

Ah, this prevalent preposterous pretention once again:
People presuming to play the part of the Pardoner!
Please! Such pitiable perceptions perched on personal pride are pointless
They seemingly preach to prevent the pernicious poison prevailing;
While pervading the popular paltry position
Perhaps we Plebeians should pay no heed to the proverbial verbal pugilists
But the paralyzed patrons lack the prudence and puissance to perceive perjury
In the perverted parlance from pugnacious puss
Presently, the public that peruses this paradoxical poetic-prose grows perplexed
Yet they do not pursue the many paged publication that can penetrate the portents on this paper
This poor paradigm pronounces the pandemic of pessimism and passivity in this place
There is a privation of passion and proficient pondering pooled
The pedestrian pack proliferates only the pathetically plain perseverance of the pompous parasitic persona

Permissiveness! Parsimony! Promiscuity! Power!
The four pillars of our pallid plagued Parthenon
The putrefied potency of vacillating piggish peons

Per contra, there are some penitent and some pure
Some puerile and some the prey of the perfidious
For this parcel of pilgrims on the paths of perdition I will prescribe progress guided by Providence
And persuade toward pursuits more profitable than powder purposes that plummet under pressure.

Pick your party promptly because the periphery will not provide protection.



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