Thursday, October 14, 2010

Broken Dreams in Otherside

When love’s façade breaks
And crumbles
Like a wall of shattering glass
Leaving a thousand tiny mirrors
And you find yourself
Looking amongst the settling dust
Deeper in
You begin to notice
That you played deceiver
As well as deceived
In this bleak charade
Dancing on the tips of fingers
And the blades of shoulders
With hearts and eyes locked
Beneath forgotten combinations

She or he
Was a fractured mirror for your
Secret desires
And the goals you’d deny
(Even to yourself)
To toe the line
To trip and fall
Down to Otherside
Lines that cannot be
But they can be
Again and again
Oh, and again
And when the crossing becomes
What then?

An awkward pause
An awakening after sickened slumber
A clearing of filmed and grimy eyes
And the tears
Shed for loss of property
When love’s façade breaks

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