Friday, October 29, 2010

Our Loss (Leavetakings II)

She was surrounded by those who love her
Her life stretched behind her like a red carpet
Leading onwards and upwards
It could have been much longer
But it got into her bones
It stole into her lungs
And robbed us of her
She was gone but not into the dark
She had left the shadowland
To live in fields of light and warmth unknown
Leaving us darkbound, black clad grievers
To ponder mourning

I know
And he knew
And son
“How did you mourn her?”
Someone so good, so pure
Yet so aware that she was not
Aware of the stained rags she wore
Yet still smiling upwards into the face of heaven
How do you mourn her?
When she is somewhere better
And you are left alone?
I don’t know how

I cried at the celebration of her life
That euphemism stuck to my tongue
Like the hot wax of the candles burning by her coffin
I cried because I miss her
Because I will not hear her warm sonorous voice again
Because she will not wake me up
By gently rubbing my back
I mourned the loss of her
I mourned the state of the world without her
I did not mourn for her
For what she might miss
She traded her ashes for gold

“I don’t know if I ever properly mourned her”
He said
Son to grandson
And I understood


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  2. What exactly is poets rally? What are the requirements? Do you just share any random poem or are there themes?

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