Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Screen Glow

The glow of screens will light our way
To happiness, we’ll seem content
The shine of screens will make our day
As all our times are nearly spent

And as we write our tales in books
We take a retrospective glance
To see the times and he who took
Them all without a second chance

Look! there he laughs so full of spite
A shapeless thing of blue aglow
The one who turns our days to night
And wastes our times to bring us low

All the hours he greed’ly drained
To gulp and swallow down our days
While we, deceived, were safe restrained
Our books contain a single phrase:
“I lived to be just entertained.”
And all that our frail lives contained
Will not be worth a mocking praise.


  1. lovely poem...
    it is full of powerful imagery.

  2. Happy Potluck, my friend,
    your kindness is infinite,
    have a lovely Wednesday.

    Blessings fly your way!

  3. Nice. This poem has sadness and reflection.

  4. I like the 'moral' to this, and your meter is bang-on perfect. In fact, apart from just one line, it's iambic tetrameter all the way. This line -

    'All the hours he greed’ly drained' (which scan fine in four anyway) would just need one unstressed syllable on the beginning to make it iambic all thru also.

    Great piece

    Luke @ http://lukepraterswordsalad.wordpress.com/

  5. Fyodor, I loved the statement this made on society and our never-ending greed for entertainment...and it used to be the tv screens that dominated that "glow of screens", but now it is cell phones and computers and digital cameras all adding to the glow...and it's scary how dependent we are on this endless parade of "entertainment". Suffice it to say, I really loved your poem.

  6. Very reflective.. and most apt, considering the electronic age we are living in! A thought provoking poem...
    Oh, and I totally loved the rhyme scheme, Fyodor!! Added a song-like quality and pace to the poem.. a lovely touch to it!

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    Happy Saturday!
    Thanks form the contribution to poets rally week 35.

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