Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Young Astronomer

One night a young astronomer
Did gaze upon a star
And saw it glowing brightly there
Like the antithesis of tar

He gathered up his scholar peers
To ask what it could mean
But they all said, “it’s meaningless.”
“Ask again if it turns green.”

They jeered and mocked him as they went
Not looking with their eyes
To see a star in daylight blaze -
What could it symbolize?

Yet two did stay to speak with him,
The young astronomer,
One who studied the histories
The other literature

They spoke of tales and prophecies
In some far western land
Of a coming king and saviour
Who would rise to God’s right hand

They asked the young astronomer
If he could lead them to
The place beneath the star’s zenith
Without further ado

The boy surprised to hear all this
Began to hesitate
But in the end he chose to lead
Their long adventure great

The men they packed their camels high
Provisions stacked in cliffs
And yet the boy said, “One more thing!”
“A king deserves some gifts.”

The two rich wise men thought to give
And spare no small expense
Thus they found the most lavish gifts
Purest gold and frankincense

The young lad wished to give as well
A kingly gift like myrrh
He worked and saved and sold his scrolls
His small means did not deter

He bought his gift and then they left
Just guided by a star
And through the desert and the plains
They journeyed from afar

After questing lengthened days through
Lands barren, burnt and wild
They came to a small Jewish town
And found a Jewish child

“This child,” said they, “Will one day be
The King above all kings
Great joy and mercy, justice too,
Love and hope is what he brings.”

They laid their wealthy presents down
At the small boy’s tiny feet
And Mary with her husband watched
Them give a royal greet

And then the young astronomer
Said “these our meager gifts
Laid at his feet are naught compared
To He who heals our rifts”

And if they entered in that day
Two magi and a boy
They left that place on homeward paths
Three wise men full of joy.


  1. Retelling of an old story from a different point of view. Have a fine Holiday,


  2. What a wonderful poem for this season! I love the way you told the story!

  3. Nice story, love it!=P Have a wonderful new year ahead :P

  4. I enjoyed this, Fyodor. Well-written take on the story of the three magi. The rhyme and meter flowed nicely.

    My potluck:

  5. And if they entered in that day
    Two magi and a boy
    They left that place on homeward paths
    Three wise men full of joy...

    perfect rhymes, your entry is full of humor, wit, and joy..

    Thanks for coming in, have fun!
    Happy Holidays.

  6. Amen! mines here-

  7. very cleverly written, I love the idea of 2 kings and a boy arriving and 3 wise men leaving. This is really really good!

  8. Excellent poem! It brought new life to an old story. Very well done!

  9. Cleverly told tale of yore... new twist, glory done. Excellent write.

  10. I love story-poems, Feydor, and this is particularly well done. You worked hard on it. That's apparent. Thank you for a very fine read.

    Best wishes for new year and enjoy potluck.

  11. That is inspired. Just lovely! :O)

  12. Wow..I like stories written in a poetic manner!! Beautiful :)

  13. how are you?

    best wishes for you in 2011.
    come to poets rally if you wish.
    Thanks for the support of 2010.

  14. Lovely and refreshing! Loved it!


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